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Comments from Past Speakers and Participants about A Step Up

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Would you like to be considered one of the best in the business? Want to learn the strategies of some of top programs in the nation? Want a setting where you can network, share ideas, challenge and encourage your colleagues on and off the court? If your answer to these questions is YES, then you are ready to take A STEP UP this spring. Felicia Hall Allen & Associates will host its’ annual A Step Up Symposium at the downtown Marriott Hotel in Charlotte, NC on May 3-5.

A Step Up: Charlotte 2013 is a three-day career building and professional development event for collegiate basketball assistant coaches developed by the husband and wife team of Johnny and Felicia Allen. Its’ mission is to help assistant coaches gain knowledge, discover coaching insights and develop strategies, techniques and tactics to help them reach their full coaching potential.

This is the fourth year of A Step Up for women’s basketball coaches. Last year’s symposium was held in Dallas, Texas and featured legendary coaches Jody Conradt and Marsha Sharp, as well as many of today’s top collegiate head coaches and assistant coaches.

Here are a selection of comments from past speakers and participants about A Step Up:

Carol Owens, Associate Head Coach, University of Notre Dame (2011 Presenter): “I feel like the symposium is just an invaluable tool that we have right now in our game because it develops our assistant coaches not just to be head coaches but to be great assistant coaches and that’s ultimately what we want. I think that’s something that’s going to grow our game even further. I’m very thankful we have this now.”

Felicia Allen, Vic Schafer, Al Brown, Jody Conradt, Carol Owens, Bob Starkey, Johnny Allen (photo by Raye Pond Photography

Felicia Allen, Vic Schafer, Al Brown, Jody Conradt, Carol Owens, Bob Starkey, Johnny Allen (photo by Raye Pond Photography)

Bob Starkey, Assistant Coach, Texas A&M University (Yearly Presenter): “A Step Up was an amazing weekend. I was honored to be a presenter in two sessions but genuinely came back with more than I gave. Hats off to Felicia Hall Allen and her husband Johnny Allen for putting together something that help assistant coaches grow – and in effect, help us grow the game.”

Al Brown, Assistant Coach, Duke University (Yearly Presenter): “Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such an outstanding event. Being involved with you and Johnny in this endeavor has been one of the most exciting and rewarding activities of my coaching career. The varied activities you provide give all an opportunity to be ACTIVELY involved. There is nothing like this in men’s or women’s basketball.”

Kia Damon, Assistant Coach, Penn State University (2010 Participant): “I walked away with a wealth of information. One of the things that separate A Step Up symposium for some of the ones I’ve attended in the past is the intimate setting. You get an opportunity to have question and answers with the presenters and just kind of have a continued dialogue, to get your questions answered and hear some of the concerns of your peers. I highly encourage anyone interested in becoming a better assistant coach to attend this symposium.”

Kyle Adams, Assistant Coach, Cheyney University (2011 Participant): “I really wanted to let you all know how much Dallas has impacted not just my career, but my life. Since returning, I have been speaking with others who attended A Step Up-Dallas, about how it has affected them. What really touches me about what you all are doing is the spirit of guidance and beneficence that you all operate in. In essence, YOU ARE COACHING COACHES!!!!!”

Danielle O’Banion, Head Coach, Kent State University (2010 Participant & 2011 Presenter): “I enjoyed the symposium in Chicago and realized that I couldn’t afford to miss another one. We share industry secrets and tips by some of the best professionals in our fields. It’s an opportunity for me to grow and you to grow.”

Chris Plonsky, Athletic Director, University of Texas (2011 Speaker): “The great thing that I am impressed with was every speaker really fostered the notion of developing young people. That is what coaching certainly is. Taking 17-23 year olds, developing them overtime, allowinIMG3232-Lg them the chance to play a sport, get an education and making sure they depart the university with a degree and to become a better citizen.”

Brandy Manning, Assistant Coach, University of Arizona (2011 Participant): “This has been an outstanding event. Really informative, insightful, had a lot of opportunities to listen to both fellow coaches and head coaches and administrators. I walked away with a wealth of information and I highly recommend this to my fellow colleagues. I will be back next year.”

Chelsea Newton, Assistant Coach, Rutgers University (2010/2011 Participant): “This is my second time attending the symposium. It’s full of information and there’s just so much I feel like I can go back and share with my staff. I’m just excited to grow.”

Joy Cheek, Assistant Coach, Duke University (2011 Participant): “After completing my first year of coaching you learn a lot on the job but I felt like I learned more than I ever could coming here. Felicia had great speakers, other great coaches to just learn from on the court, off the court, basketball, life balance, just everything you can get in these three days. I would definitely recommend anyone coaching, for one year or 15 years just to come and learn.”

Brett Fink, Assistant Coach, UCF (2011 Participant): “This weekend has been tremendous. If you are looking to refuel your soul in this game then this is the event to come to. Great people, great passion and you learn a lot, you meet a lot of great people. I can’t speak highly enough about this event – it really is A STEP UP!”

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