"A goal is a dream that has an ending." – Duke Ellington

Assistant Coaches Professional Development Symposium takes A STEP UP in Chicago

What They’re Saying about A STEP UP – Chicago 2011

What was the best feature of the Symposium?

· Presenters, Personal Interaction, Giving the “Free Agents” and opportunity to sell themselves, Food, Energy and Positivity!

· The Speakers!

· Crisis Management Topic. This was a topic that’s not usually discussed at coaching clinics.

· On the Head Coaches Panel I heard this phrase that has had an incredible impact on me . . . ” LOYALTY above all except HONOR.”

· The intimate feeling of the symposium. It was big enough to have multiple networking opportunities but small enough to really feel vital in each session.

· Having 1st hand knowledge from current NCAA Champions, the discussions at roundtables with other assts opinions, experiences and suggestions.

· The openness of the Symposium as a forum was remarkable. It was easy to meet people at the event and learn from their experiences, both speakers and participants.

· The ability to network with others in the same position.

· Not only the speakers, but the quality of the interaction with colleagues was the highlight. The topics were great, but the conversations around the topics were OUTSTANDING!

· I think one of the best features was the fellowshipping on Sunday. To take time out to be thank God for all that we are and have. And second, the networking and posting of jobs needed and jobs available.

· I would recommend this event to EVERY Assistant Coach/DOBO in the country.

· The Hotel was a nice and I loved that made me feel classy when I was staying there.

· The Directors of Ops. had their own sessions!!

Some takes away from various Symposium Sessions:

· Developing game changers is more about psychology than anything else

· Demonstrate more patience in developing confidence

· Players are different and learn different

· Nurture the players individually

· Tips about leaders/motivation

· Head coach should give vision and team goals. Position coach should offer small goals for players.

· Different ways to set up official visits; question and answers

· Getting people on campus does not mean the job is done

· How to make the best of our your “Selling points” on your campus

· Make unofficial visits official! Practice what you preach

· More ways to make visits more smooth

· When changing the culture, prepare the kids that are returning

· Value of scripting my head coach more

· The 12 Keys to having a successful program

· I need to invest in myself, but my 1st priority needs to be helping my head coach succeed

· It gave me a better understanding of how to learn about myself, assist my head coach, and benefit my program and maximize my potential of coaching

· Pay attention to the details

· Character in this game and profession is important

· Don’t forget the brand. Don’t let anyone tell you . . . you can’t

· You are useful but not necessary, and be willing to reinvent in myself

· The importance of developing your anchors and who you are and sticking by your standards and not letting results affect decision making

· That you never stay the same you get better or you get worse.

· Enjoy the Journey! Never stop learning. Make sure the journey is worth it.

· “ Find new ways to say the same thing”

· You can get fired and still make it.

· Be a problem solver.

· Getting the maximum for the minimum (T.J. Maxx).

· Difference between “crisis” and “problem”

· Camp is a year-round job

· Focus on different ways to draw people into your program

· How to be completely prepared

· Using your head coach’s personality to put them in best marketing situation

· How to better present myself in the office and relate to my co-workers

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