"A goal is a dream that has an ending." – Duke Ellington

“I knew that I wanted to use this opportunity to get better as an assistant coach no matter what the cost.”

Coach Marlin Chinn

Last spring, when I heard about the 1st annual Assistant Coaches Symposium, I thought to myself, “Wow, I don’t think that this has ever been done before.” At that moment, I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of this event in any capacity.

It sparked my interest even more after seeing the coaches represented on the panel. I knew that I wanted to use this opportunity to get better as an assistant coach no matter what the cost. I was stunned by the quality of topics that were covered for the weekend. It was very well organized and all the speakers were outstanding.

I can’t tell you enough how important it is for all assistant coaches to find a way to attend this event in Chicago.
Along with hearing important topics, you will have tremendous opportunities to network and as my head coach Brenda Frese says, “Develop Relationships”. Networking is one of the most important components in being a successful coach. I am always looking for new ideas and ways to improve myself and become a better coach and person.

I am so blessed each and every day to be able do something I absolutely love. This weekend promises to be a great weekend with many chances to share a ton of information and wisdom.
I am humbled and honored that Felicia thought enough of me to speak on the panel this year. I will do my very best to share what I have learned from other coaches before me.

As assistant coaches, we always talk about getting together and sharing recruiting tips and strategies concerning X’s and O’s. Well, here’s our vehicle.

Don’t be in the gym this July while everyone is talking about this career changing event and you have missed out!!

I will see you in Chicago April 29th!! Come get better!!

Marlin Chinn

Coach Marlin Chinn is an Assistant Coach at the University of Maryland. Connect with Coach Chinn at www.marylandwomensbasketball.com, www.CoachChinn.com and through Twitter: www.twitter.com/CoachChinn.

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